Maternity bag

This product is available only in DM stores in Croatia
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Biobaza maternity bag contains everything that mom and baby need for natural skin care from the first day. In the bag the future mom can find body care products (Biobaza Mama Cream for pregnancy and motherhood, Anti-Stretch Mark Shower Milk, Gel for intimate care and Biobaza Natural moisturizing cream).

Along with the Biobaza Nipple Balm, there are practical Babylove pads with adhesive tape for nursing mothers.

For quality care of baby’s sensitive diaper area, there is Biobaza Baby protective cream for nappy change with 100% natural ingredients and pH neutral Babylove wipes.

Balea Lip Care will take care of those most delicate first kisses and Soft&Sicher tissues are ready for every occasion.The bag is waterproof, very practical for use in the hospital and later as a baby stroller bag (it has a special pocket for wet wipes).


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